CK-K76RHG: New consumable for CP-K60DW-S photo printer




We officially announce you the introduction of the new media K76R(HG):The new K76R(HG) delivers a higher printing quality, so the current media K76R is being replaced by the new K76R(HG).

Although you can use new K76R(HG) with no mandatory software update, we strongly recommend you the update of your systems.

Please, follow the instructions you’ll find already available from our websites, and enjoy the improved quality delivered from the new media K76R(HG):

Thanks again for your confidence in the products from Mitsubishi Photo Printing solutions.

The VIS Division Marketing team, Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing solutions.


KioskGifts new SW Release v3.1




A new version of the KioskGifts software is available at messec. To download it click here

What’s new on SW version 3.1?

The new SW KioskGifts 3.1 Version includes now:

-Smart Phone Cases customization line-up. New product line.
-EALBUMAXI1 (8×10) Album. New cover window position.
-Printmodule. Compatibility with new K60 media: K76R(HG)
-Facebook. Facebook graph API upgraded to version 2.8


Smart Phone Cases line up.

You’ll find available products for phone cover cases:

  • Small & medium size smartphone, based on 4×6” media.
  • Large smartphones and tablets, based on 6×8” media.

User can add a picture and enter text.

Available case backgrounds:
iPhone 5, 6, 6Plus, 7
Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6
Huawei P8


EALBUMAXI1 8×10 cover.
Updated design of Album cover: the position of the central picture has been moved upwards.


Compatibility with new K60 media: K76R(HG). Printmodule now supports both the old and new media.
Settings of CPG/ICC must be manually checked


Fresh printer’s drivers for Linux, just released

Following the market requests, we have released different printer’s drivers for Linux.
In the coming weeks, new drivers will be released.
To get the drivers click HERE
Here you have a short tutorial about how to install a driver on Ubuntu.

Enjoy Mitsubishi Electric Printing Solutions !!!

Curso de formación técnica Mitsubishi Electric Printing Solutions: 6 al 9 de Junio 2016

Esta semana en Mitsubishi Electric Europe, spanish branch, estamos enormemente contentos de la visita a nuestras instalaciones de Sant Cugat de un grupo de distribuidores de Latinoamérica. El motivo de la visita es la asistencia a uno de nuestros cursos de formación técnica sobre sistema de impresión fotográfica, en el que se tratarán los diferente productos y soluciones que Mitsubishi Electric ofrece, tanto en Quioscos  y software como en impresoras para fotografía con tecnología de sublimación.

Día 1: 6-6-2016


Instante en el que uno de nuestros formadores, Joaquín Molina, detalla el procedimiento de recuperación del Smart Kiosk.

Día 2: 7-6-2016

Prácticas con Quioscos

Prácticas con Quioscos

Prácticas con impresoras

Prácticas con impresoras

Día 3: 8-6-2016

Sparrow hands-on

Sparrow hands-on

Día 4: 9-6-2016

CP-W5000DW Masterclass

CP-W5000DW Masterclass

Unilateral change in the policies using the Instagram application

Dear Customer,

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. Spanish branch, regrets to inform you that due to an unilateral change in the policies using the Instagram application, the company responsible for the management of that social network has agreed, also unilaterally end your access to our application, PS EVENTS, to that network.

We are working to solve this problem with Instagram and that the application can normally work again, as soon as possible.

PS EVENTS has just stopped working with the Instagram application, so it still works without any problems with other social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

We are at your disposal for any questions, clarification or help that you may need.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V.



Click here to more information

PSevents: Create, edit and customize composite layouts

PSevents contains several types of layouts to create different photo compositions

In addition to the built-in layouts, it is possible to create an unlimited collection of custom designs by editing the layouts.xml file that contains the data for the PSevents compositions layout engine.


Click the layout composition guide to see how to do it !

Protection not found

SmartKiosk software doesn’t randomly detect the USB protection hasp


It is very important to properly follow the power off and power on sequence. Otherwise, the Kiosk components could not be correctly initialized and therefore, USB protection hasp could not be detected.


  • Power on sequence is:

1.- Power on from multi power adapter.

2.- Press Power on button ( 2 to 5 seconds ) Explained in the supplied installation guide.

  • Power off sequence is:

1.- Power off from kiosk software

2.- Power off from multi power adapter ( strongly recommended )



 SmartKiosk power adaptor


New .NET Wrapper v2.01 now supports CPD90DW and CPW5000DW

Dear Technical Community

For those System Integrators programming in .NET framework:

New .NET Wrapper v2.01 now supports CPD90DW and CPW5000DW.

Please contact your Support Engineer to get dowloadable files.

Please note that these resources are only provided to Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. customers after NDA signature

EMEA Photo Support Team

New Printer Driver CP-D90 V.110 for Windows

Dear Colleagues,

A new Printer Driver for CP-D90 V.110 is now available from

Supported Operating System:

Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit)

Windows® 8 (32-bit/64-bit)

Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit)


 Print Mode:

Fine (new) : Prints with high speed.

Auto : Prints with appropriate speed depending on the image.

UltraFine : Prints with high image quality


Print Finish:

Glossy : Gloss finish

Matte : Matte finish


Print sizes:

9×13 (3.5×5”) please check with you Distributor about media availability

10×15 (4×6”)

13×18 (5×7”)

15×20 (6×8”)

15×21 (6×8.5”)

15×23 (6×9”)

10x15x2 (4×6”x2)


5×15 (2×6”)

15×15 (6×6”)

13×13 (5×5”)

9×13 (3.5×5”) white border

10×15 (4×6”) white border

13×18 (5×7”) white border

15×20 (6×8”) white border

15×23 (6×9”) white border


Please feel free to contact with your Photo Support Team if you have any questions

New Calendars Update package Col-2017 – 2018

Dear Colleagues,

A new Calendars Update package is now available from Messec site ‘‘ public area.

 Special Calendar Collection package V2  years 2017 & 2018.

Software platforms supported:  Click Software V2.6.5  –  KioskGifts Software V1.4  –  Easyphoto all Software Version

Languages supported: English, Français, Italiano, Português, Español, Español (Latam)

If you have any questions, please contact with

Best Regards,

New Printer Drivers available for Windows 10

Dear Colleagues,

A new Printer Driver version is from now compatible with Windows 10.
Please, find new Windows 10 Drivers from Messec site:

Photo Printers:
CP-W5000DW Driver Ver.102 
CP-D80DW Driver Ver.112
CP-9810DW Driver Ver.100
CP-9550DW Driver Ver.231
Operative Systems: Win10-x64&x32 bits

Medical Printers:
P-95DW_DE Driver Ver.121
Operative Systems: Win10-x64 bits

Printer models CP-D70DW /CP-D707DW Driver Ver.2.50 is available at Messec site from September 2015
Printer model CP-K60DW-S Driver Ver.100 is available at Messec site from December 2015
Operative Systems: Win10-x64&x32 bits

Please feel free to contact with your Photo Support Team if you have any questions.

Smart KioskGifts technical news

Hello from Photo Support Team of Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V.

This is a reminder to inform you about  technical documentation available for the Smart KioskGifts at site 

– MKG8110 Smart KioskGifts Installation Guide  (included in the product accessories)

– PDT8115 Installation Guide

– Smart KioskGifts User Manual V2.6.0  (included in the product accesories from USB Recovery drive)

– How to Recover the MKG8110 Smart KioskGifts.


New Printer Driver Version 2.50 for Windows CP-D70DW / CP707DW with new print sizes

A new Printer Driver version 2.5.0 for CP-D70DW / CP-707DW is now available from
New print sizes availables:

9×13 (3.5×5”) white border

10×15 (4×6”) white border

13×18 (5×7”) white border

15×20 (6×8”) white border

15×23 (6×9”) white border


Models: CP-D70DW, CP-D707DW Ver.2.50

Operative Systems: XP/Vista/7/8/10, Vista/7/8/10-x64

New features: Addition of print sizes with border

Firmware update Ver1.12 is recommended for the border print.

About “Accept 10×15(4×6”) single print with 15×20(6×8”),15×23(6×9”)media” check box:

When this option box is checked (default), 10×15(4×6″) size print is possible even if 15×20(6×8″) or 15×23(6×9″) media is used, but a half part of ribbon is waisted at odd number job.

When this option box is unchecked, 10×15(4×6″) print size setting becomes error unless 10×15(4×6″) media is loaded. This is useful, when 10×15(4×6″) and 15×23(6×9″) are loaded to the double-deck printer and 10×15(4×6″) size should be printed only on 10×15(4×6″)media.

When updating the version, make sure to uninstall the previous version according to Driver guide pdf.

For Vista/ 7, restart of PC is required also after re-installing the new version.

Please feel free to contact with your Photo Support Team if you have any questions.


Printers working with Win10 08_2015

Printers tested with Windows 10 working correctly:

Impresoras probadas con Windows 10:

Printer                                    Driver version

CP-K60DW-S                                  Ver100_S

CP-D70/707DW                           Ver230_S

CP-D80DW                                      Ver112_S

CP-W5000DW                                 Ver100

CP-3800DW                                      V301 Scope:



Dropbox doesn’t Work kioskgifts 2.0 08_2015


Dropbox doesn’t Work kioskgifts 2.0, kiosk login windows stay frozen and then back to main screen.


Country Customer Systems Others
All country All customer Kioskgifts 2.0  –


Update Internet Explorer from current version 8.0 installed to Interne Explore version 11.0

Can you download the update from oficial Microsoft web page.



Announcement: New Driver and Firmware to compatibility CP-W5000DW printer with MAC O.S

Dear Colleagues,

Mitsubishi Photo customers have from now the ability to work from MAC O.S with the new printer CP-W5000DW

Besides the installation of the exclusive driver for MAC system, a Firmware installation it is also mandatory to work with a MAC O.S

Driver and Firmware are available from website

Follow the instructions from ‘Installing Firmware CP-W5000DW.pdf’ to compatibility this printer with MAC O.S X

Note: The process to upgrade this Firmware to CP-W5000DW printers working at this moment in the market is only possible from a Windows O.S but not from a MAC device. 

Direct download from this link:

Best Regards

Photo Support Team

Announcement ‘Facebook’ service stops working at Software KioskGifts V1.4 in April 2015

Comunicado finalización servicio de ‘Facebook’ en KioskGifts Software V1.4 en Abril 2015
Announcement ‘Facebook’ service stops working at Software KioskGifts V1.4 in April 2015

La API V1 (Application Programming Interface ) de Facebook que está operando actualmente en la plataforma de Windows XP deja de prestar servicio a partir de Abril 2015. Como consecuencia, en los modelos PT7000E y PT6000E estructurados en base al sistema operativo de Windows XP, el servicio de ‘Facebook’ dejará de funcionar con Software Kioskgifts V1.4 exclusivamente.

The API V1 (Application Programming Interface) Facebook currently operating on the platform of Windows XP stops servicing at April 2015. As a result, the PT7000E and PT6000E based on O.S Windows XP will be affected from On line systems working exclusively with Kioskgifts Software V1.4