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Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that our CP-D90 printer has a NEW PANORAMA FORMAT available in 6×14″ and 6×20″ sizes.

Variable functionality of PANORAMA format:

This variable function will be available for systems integrators and developers through DLL.

To update your CP-D90 printer in PANORAMA format, please follow these simple steps:

For CP-D90DW-P update your firmware here
For CP-D90DW update your firmware here

Once firmware is updated, install Driver Windows 7/10 here

Once firmware is updated, install Drive here



Apreciado Colaborador,

Nos complace informarle que nuestra impresora CP-D90 cuenta con NUEVO FORMATO PANORAMA disponible en las medidas 15×36 cm y 15×51 cm.

Funcionalidad variable del formato PANORAMA:

Esta funcionalidad variable del formato PANORAMA estará disponible a través de DLL para integradores de sistemas y desarrolladores.

Para la actualización de su impresora CP-D90 en formato PANORAMA, debe seguir estos sencillos pasos:

Para PC:
Para modelos CP-D90DW-P actualice su firmware aquí
Para modelos CP-D90DW actualice su firmware aquí

Una vez actualizado firmware, instale el Driver de Windows 7/10 aquí.

Para MAC:
Actualice el firmware de su impresora con un PC e instale el driver disponible aquí.


CK-K76RHG: New consumable for CP-K60DW-S photo printer




We officially announce you the introduction of the new media K76R(HG):The new K76R(HG) delivers a higher printing quality, so the current media K76R is being replaced by the new K76R(HG).

Although you can use new K76R(HG) with no mandatory software update, we strongly recommend you the update of your systems.

Please, follow the instructions you’ll find already available from our websites, and enjoy the improved quality delivered from the new media K76R(HG):

Thanks again for your confidence in the products from Mitsubishi Photo Printing solutions.

The VIS Division Marketing team, Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing solutions.


Fresh printer’s drivers for Linux, just released

Following the market requests, we have released different printer’s drivers for Linux.
In the coming weeks, new drivers will be released.
To get the drivers click HERE
Here you have a short tutorial about how to install a driver on Ubuntu.

Enjoy Mitsubishi Electric Printing Solutions !!!

New .NET Wrapper v2.01 now supports CPD90DW and CPW5000DW

Dear Technical Community

For those System Integrators programming in .NET framework:

New .NET Wrapper v2.01 now supports CPD90DW and CPW5000DW.

Please contact your Support Engineer to get dowloadable files.

Please note that these resources are only provided to Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. customers after NDA signature

EMEA Photo Support Team