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KioskPrints App 2.0 vs KG2.5.0 Smartphone Wifi

To improve the performance from the new ‘Kiosk Prints App 2.0′  particularly sending video files from Smartphone Wifi service, we strongly recommend updating the Wireless driver according to Hardware used.

Attached for your reference the last Intel Centrino Wireless upgrade  for the last two Hardware marketed by MEE (by Lenovo)

 AIO 23’ M93z 1S10AD ‘Intel Centrino Advanced N6235’ & ThinkCentre M73 SFF 104B A0SW00 ‘Intel Centrino Wireless N105’.

Please download the .zip from Driver update_2015-05-11 11_23_58/
In the case you need to update Wireless Drv for a differents Hw  models, check Intel web to find the correct one.

 The new performance is significantly better.

Enjoy improvements WIFI smartphone services developed under KG V2.5.0, specially for Android devices and scan connection from App 2.0 !


Announcement ‘Facebook’ service stops working at Software KioskGifts V1.4 in April 2015

Comunicado finalización servicio de ‘Facebook’ en KioskGifts Software V1.4 en Abril 2015
Announcement ‘Facebook’ service stops working at Software KioskGifts V1.4 in April 2015

La API V1 (Application Programming Interface ) de Facebook que está operando actualmente en la plataforma de Windows XP deja de prestar servicio a partir de Abril 2015. Como consecuencia, en los modelos PT7000E y PT6000E estructurados en base al sistema operativo de Windows XP, el servicio de ‘Facebook’ dejará de funcionar con Software Kioskgifts V1.4 exclusivamente.

The API V1 (Application Programming Interface) Facebook currently operating on the platform of Windows XP stops servicing at April 2015. As a result, the PT7000E and PT6000E based on O.S Windows XP will be affected from On line systems working exclusively with Kioskgifts Software V1.4