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CK-K76RHG: New consumable for CP-K60DW-S photo printer




We officially announce you the introduction of the new media K76R(HG):The new K76R(HG) delivers a higher printing quality, so the current media K76R is being replaced by the new K76R(HG).

Although you can use new K76R(HG) with no mandatory software update, we strongly recommend you the update of your systems.

Please, follow the instructions you’ll find already available from our websites, and enjoy the improved quality delivered from the new media K76R(HG):

Thanks again for your confidence in the products from Mitsubishi Photo Printing solutions.

The VIS Division Marketing team, Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing solutions.


Unilateral change in the policies using the Instagram application

Dear Customer,

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. Spanish branch, regrets to inform you that due to an unilateral change in the policies using the Instagram application, the company responsible for the management of that social network has agreed, also unilaterally end your access to our application, PS EVENTS, to that network.

We are working to solve this problem with Instagram and that the application can normally work again, as soon as possible.

PS EVENTS has just stopped working with the Instagram application, so it still works without any problems with other social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

We are at your disposal for any questions, clarification or help that you may need.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V.



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Cambio unilateral en las políticas de uso de la aplicación Instagram

Apreciado cliente,

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. Sucursal en España por la presente lamenta comunicarle que debido a un cambio unilateral en las políticas de uso de la aplicación Instagram, la empresa responsable de la gestión de dicha red social ha acordado, también de forma unilateral, interrumpir el acceso de nuestra aplicación, PS EVENTS, a dicha red.

Estamos trabajando para solucionar este problema con Instagram y que la aplicación pueda volver a funcionar con total normalidad, en el plazo más breve posible.

PS EVENTS solo ha dejado de funcionar con la aplicación Instagram, por lo que sigue funcionando sin ningún tipo de problema con el resto de redes sociales (Facebook y Twitter).

Nos ponemos a su disposición para cualquier consulta, aclaración o ayuda que precisen.
Un saludo cordial,

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V


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