New Printer Driver Version 2.50 for Windows CP-D70DW / CP707DW with new print sizes

A new Printer Driver version 2.5.0 for CP-D70DW / CP-707DW is now available from
New print sizes availables:

9×13 (3.5×5”) white border

10×15 (4×6”) white border

13×18 (5×7”) white border

15×20 (6×8”) white border

15×23 (6×9”) white border


Models: CP-D70DW, CP-D707DW Ver.2.50

Operative Systems: XP/Vista/7/8/10, Vista/7/8/10-x64

New features: Addition of print sizes with border

Firmware update Ver1.12 is recommended for the border print.

About “Accept 10×15(4×6”) single print with 15×20(6×8”),15×23(6×9”)media” check box:

When this option box is checked (default), 10×15(4×6″) size print is possible even if 15×20(6×8″) or 15×23(6×9″) media is used, but a half part of ribbon is waisted at odd number job.

When this option box is unchecked, 10×15(4×6″) print size setting becomes error unless 10×15(4×6″) media is loaded. This is useful, when 10×15(4×6″) and 15×23(6×9″) are loaded to the double-deck printer and 10×15(4×6″) size should be printed only on 10×15(4×6″)media.

When updating the version, make sure to uninstall the previous version according to Driver guide pdf.

For Vista/ 7, restart of PC is required also after re-installing the new version.

Please feel free to contact with your Photo Support Team if you have any questions.