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MDR (EU) 2017/745

From May the 26th of 2021, MDR (EU) 2017/745 becomes mandatory for Medical Devices. For this reason, Mitsubishi Electric will stop placing the P93, P95, CP30 and CP31 printer series on the market as medical device on and after May 26th 2021 due to expiration of MDD. After this date, those printers will declare EU compliant as ITE equipment but continue to comply with safety and EMC standards for medical equipment (EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2).

Please note that Product Categories of EEE for 2011/65/EU for the P93, P95, CP30 and CP31 printer series will change from 8. Medical Devices to 3. IT and Telecommunications Equipment.

Thermal papers will still comply with MDD as consumables for the printer that was placed on the market before MDD has expired.

Download updated Declaration of Conformity documents from here: EU, UK

Technical Support Team

SmartPrinter – #Hashtag Service EOL

Products reach their End-Of-Life (EOL) cycle for a number of reasons, including market demands, technology evolution and development changes, or simply because end users, busines partners and marketplace dictate loss of interest. This applies to hardware, software and services including subscriptions and licenses. 

In case of Hashtag printing service included in SmartPrinter EV and RT models, technology evolution and the lost of interest has been dramatically obvious since more than 2 years ago. 

This fact forces us to take the decission of disconnecting the servers involved on providing this service instead of keeping adapting the service to the changes of 3rd parties APIs and maintaining an unused infrastructure. 

Please note that Servers are already switched OFF, we are very sorry for the inconveniences that this EOL announcement may cause, please do not hesitate to contact us for further support. 

Photo Support Team


New Vivid ICC profile for CPM1_M15

Dear customer,

We have released a new ICC profile for CP-M1 and CP-M15 printers.

By using this profile, you can print more vivid and contrasted images.

You will find the profile necessary instructions in

Therefore you can now choose between exisiting profile to print more for Natural images or new one for more Vivid images.

They both use the same gamma curve so you can easily change to a more Natural or Vivid pictures upon your preferences or uses, just by changing the profile file.

Installation instructions are also provided in the same link.

Do not hesitate to contact for any question you may have.

New PhotoPrintMe Version

Dear all,

We upload a new version of PhotoPrintMe v2.6.0

This version includes:
– Allow to hide the currency symbol from the main page.
– Improvement in the orders admin page to load faster the orders queue
– Improvement in Instagram soruce.
– Added Belgium French
– Updated the Stripe integration in order to fullfil SCA requirement
– Improvement Dutch translations
– Improvement German translations
– Some improvements in the Picking Point assignation
– Other internal improvements.

Solved issues:
– Minimum order amount calculation
– Improvement in the configuration of the automatic printing and automatic validation.
– Increase the length of the zip code field

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.