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PSStudio and PSEvents – End of Life Announcement

After 5 years in the market and 2000 copies sold of the excellent PSSuite software, the PSStudio and PSEvents softwares will no longer be updated from this moment moving forward.
The software features and specifications will continue to function same as currently, but will no longer be updated.

These are the changes for that product family:
From January 2019, virtual licenses (PDF format) of PSEvents and PSStudio Softwares are not available anymore, and only HASP version will be available for Sales, instead.
In case  you have a non registered/activated license, you will be able to register it until March 31st 2019: after that date, the registering Server will not be available anymore, but you have the chance to buy our HASP references:


That new scenario means that, from April 1st 2019, the only way to recover the virtual license on a faulty PC will be by purchasing a physical license (HASP)

Some advantages when using HASP, for your reference:

– No installation nor support concerns. Plug HASP and forget about technical issues.
– Distributable physical item.

Again, thank you very much for your trust on our technology and services.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe Photo Printing Solutions.


Facebook on PSEvents and Kiosk versions below v2.8.5

In August 2018, Facebook terminated the support to the API used in PSEvents software and Kiosk software versions previous to v2.8.5.
For Kiosk’s customers whose wish to continue using Facebook download capability, please instruct them to update to the latest available version.
Regarding PSEvents software, we do not plan to release a new version.
MEU Development Team

Problem with PSsuite 1.2.8 + Win10

If you install PSsuite on Windows 10 and you face problems during the instalation.

If the problem shows same symptom as below:

Please cancel that window and go to

Download and install the driver of our Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer (see image below)

And install again the PSsuite software.

CK-K76RHG: New consumable for CP-K60DW-S photo printer




We officially announce you the introduction of the new media K76R(HG):The new K76R(HG) delivers a higher printing quality, so the current media K76R is being replaced by the new K76R(HG).

Although you can use new K76R(HG) with no mandatory software update, we strongly recommend you the update of your systems.

Please, follow the instructions you’ll find already available from our websites, and enjoy the improved quality delivered from the new media K76R(HG):

Thanks again for your confidence in the products from Mitsubishi Photo Printing solutions.

The VIS Division Marketing team, Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing solutions.