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KioskGifts new SW Release v3.0

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the new 3.0 Kioskgifts software version can be found at MESSEC and it contains the following new features:

New look&Feel: New software appearance, more intuitive, closer and fresher. The main change is that now we offer a clear description of every service in the Main Menu.


New PhotoStrip Thematic, Collages, Compositions & Bookmarks: This new version includes in the Main Menu a new thematic. Your clients will be able to print easily and comfortably their favourite pictures in different formats.


Printing of video frames:  From this moment on, user will be able to print the frames of their videos that they like the most. It is as easy as downloading the videos and selecting the images that they want.


Automatic Generation of a Security Copy (recovery): Without operator intervention (Except of Smart Kioskgifts).

New Albums Incorporated:

  • EALBUM4X6STB  10×15 , in black. Personalised cover, the first Album that allows having the cover you want!

EALBUM6X8WR & EALBUM6X8WB 15×20 , in red (R) and Black (B), with a wider window in the cover.



Kind Regards,

KioskGifts new SW Release v2.8.5

Let me inform you of the official release of a new sw version v2.8.5 of KioskGifts.

Required version:  KioskGifts v2.8.3 or v2.8.4

You can find v2.8.5 version uploaded in MESSEC from today.

  • Improvements in the printing with big quantity of images


  • Disabled the gamma table parameter (CPD files) for the CP-W5000 printers in the ImageQualitySettingTool application.
Protection not found

SmartKiosk software doesn’t randomly detect the USB protection hasp


It is very important to properly follow the power off and power on sequence. Otherwise, the Kiosk components could not be correctly initialized and therefore, USB protection hasp could not be detected.


  • Power on sequence is:

1.- Power on from multi power adapter.

2.- Press Power on button ( 2 to 5 seconds ) Explained in the supplied installation guide.

  • Power off sequence is:

1.- Power off from kiosk software

2.- Power off from multi power adapter ( strongly recommended )



 SmartKiosk power adaptor