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New greeting cards available now!

Discover the new greeting cards from PhotoPrintMe and the new flow to print them

The new 15cm x15cm and 15cm x 20cm greeting card designs are now available in your PhotoPrintMe online catalogue. To offer these products, you’ll have to select the designs you want and activate and modify their prices.

To find out how to activate this and other new products, follow these steps.

The moment you activate the new greeting cards, you’ll see that a new print flow has been implemented for the user, a much easier and more user-friendly way of creating greeting cards.


The customer can now select the product and design before selecting the photo. It’s much easier and more user-friendly.

The new designs will be active from 22th February onwards.

The greeting cards that were loaded into your online catalogue will be automatically deactivated and you’ll have to activate them again in order to offer this service.

Error Photosuite generating PhotoID or Greetings

error code ‘System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Cannot find file C:\ProgramData\Photosuite\Temp\LastProduct.xml’




1) Check C:\ProgramData\Photosuite\Temp\LastProduct.xml exists.

2) Check if you have source 'Arial' on Windows control panel, if not install it from:
Following steps as described on website.